Edward Rubin Founder and Owner of Flawless Inc

The Mr. Flawless Team reflects Edward's work ethic, loyal nature, humble attitude and exclusive craftsmanship which won over the first of many celebrity clients such as Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

With respect to artistry, the appetite for fashion and the talent to envision unique designs and concepts with meticulous diligence and zest forgoing fashions that transcend in time, Edward makes the truly extraordinary a reality.

We are located in Mid-Town Manhattan in the Diamond District, where we transform jewelry and timepieces into a works of art with revolutionary designs.  With enduring confidence, Edward, his team and his craftsmen collaborate to create infinitely exclusive pieces of Jewelry and Watches with unsurpassed style.

Every piece that the Mr. Flawless Team presents, begins with the individual stones to Inspire a distinctive and extraordinary design. All of our Jewelry and Watches are a collaboration of artistic talent, skills, unique vision and craftsmanship working together to create spectacular designs. Using only High Quality Shiny Fiery Diamonds, meticulously set by hand achieving dramatic effects

Our Jewelry is fine art. Our exclusive designs, craftsmanship and quality set us apart in the industry.

Edward and the Mr. Flawless Team are committed to delivering masterpieces that are handcrafted with attention to detail, perfectionism with the most competitive prices on the market.